Summer To Do List

Throughout the school year, my goal is always to MAINTAIN the madness!  I spend the entire year focused on my classroom, my students, and the day to day duties that come with being a teacher.  Contrary to popular belief, the job does not stop at 2:45 pm.  I spend countless hours in the evening and on weekends planning, grading, communicating, and a slew of other things just to make sure I'm prepared with fun and engaging lessons for my students.  So, there are other things in my life that don't get as much attention as needed - mainly my house!  When summer rolls around, I always have a to-do list a mile long of things I want to get done before school starts again.  This year is no exception - and with moving to a new school, it is even more important.

The List
  1. Organize the "guest" room that is not a guest room in fact.  It is more like an indoor storage unit that houses bags of clothing that should go to Goodwill, craft supplies, sewing materials, etc.  I would love to get organized so I can actually use the space.  My plan is to divide it in half - Cheney's archery tools/bench/supplies on one half of the room, and my stuff on the other.  I need to paint, build shelves, and clean!!
  2. Clean out the closets.  There are many things that I can do without, but I haven't taken the time to purge what I don't need.  
  3. Finish painting the hallway - after 3 years!  
  4. Re-paint the bedroom.
  5. Hang curtains in the bedroom.
  6. Build a jewelry organizer to hang on the wall.
  7. Hang the artwork that we have put off for years.
  8. Clean out the kitchen cabinets.
  9. Make menu plans that I can also use in the school year to save time and MONEY!
  10. Hike a trail once a week - my ultimate goal is to conquer to Table Rock without dying.
  11. Canoe once a week with Cheney.
  12. Run every morning and P90X every night.
  13. Write every day! That means a blog post every day - can you handle that?
  14. Sort through all of the books and load them up to Mr. K's bookstore! Can't wait for that one!
  15. Transition into a VERY healthy eating habit - minimize the processed food, lots of fresh veggies from the garden, and WATER to drink! I cut sugar for a month during the school year and felt so much better for doing so, I plan to do it all summer BEGINNING MONDAY!
I'll check in from time to time to check off the list.  Hopefully, these little goals and tasks will help me get a lot accomplished this year.