5 Favorite Books....#4

We are nearing the end of Favorite Books Week here at Scripted by Shasta.  I almost hate to see it end.  There are so many books and this has been very difficult honestly.  I've had a very challenging time choosing just 5 books and honestly, I don't know what the 5th one will be yet.

Today's favorite book is a book of lasting friendship between girls who met in junior high school in the 70s.  The girls went through dating, college, marriage, moving, death, careers, and cancer.  If you haven't had the opportunity to read Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, you are missing out on a great read.  I heard about this book from a group of teachers I met online a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I could never find it at the library - hint #1 that it was a great book, and I hesitated in purchasing a book.  They are so expensive and since I read them so quickly, I hated to spend the money on something that wouldn't last.  However, I gave in to the calling and I have not regretted it!

I loved the setting of this book - the Pacific Northwest - one of my favorite places!  It was great to be able to visualize what many of the places looked like or think about the weather because I knew exactly what it really was like.  It made me homesick for Seattle!

If you haven' t read it, please take the time to do so!!


Shonda said…
I read this one when I saw it on your blog a while back! Loved it!