5 Favorite Books....#5

As I sit here attempting to compose this final post in Favorite Books Week, I have to admit, I still haven't chosen book #5.  This summer alone I've read about 50 books - multiply that by 10 years (modest amount of reading obsessively) and I have 500 books to choose from.  This has been a most difficult topic.  I've stuck primarily with classics - they are for a reason.  The good ones are books that I continually pull from my shelf year after year after year.  If I had to choose another classic I would have to go with Alexander Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo.  This was a surprise find for me.  Cheney and I went to see the movie a few years ago (starred Jim Caviezel) and I LOVED the story.  The movie was a perfect date night choice - adventure for Cheney and romance for me.  I became intrigued and picked the book off the shelf of the library.  It is a bit intimidating because of the size, but it is well worth it!!

However, I think for my 5th favorite book, I'm going old school - all the way back to that stack of books my Momma read to us when we were little.  There for awhile, there was only ONE book that my brother, Larry wanted to hear - The Best Nest by PD Eastman.  I remember him pulling the tattered pink book into the bed with us night after night after night.  I think after a week of reading it, I was ready to burn it.  But, he was younger and just learning how to read so those predictable text books were something he craved.  Mom even made up a sing-songy version that I always have in my head when I see it. When my brother and his wife were expecting their first child, there was no question as to what I would give them first.  He now has his very own copy of it.  I wonder if he reads it as much as I had to listen to it when I was little?


Chasity said…
Wasn't it crazy how different the Count book was from the movie version with Jim Caviezel? They totally went away from the story!
Shasta Looper said…
Yes it was, but I enjoyed both!