Beach Bum...

Gussy over at Gussy Sews is having a link party today, so I decided since it is sweltering in South Carolina and my air is out, I would focus on a place I would rather be that has much cooler temperatures.

Gussy asked readers to think of inspiration in terms of the beach - are we beach bums, do we spend time at a cottage, on the lake,, I decided to dive in with both feet.

I am a beach bum - but unfortunately one who is not able to get to the beach as often as she would like...I would love to spend the entire summer with my toes in the surf, my butt in the sand, and a book in my grasp.  The sound of the waves centers me and relaxes my entire mind and body.  I've tried noise machines to duplicate the sound- they just don't cut it.

Last summer, I had a fabulous opportunity to spend a week on the Oregon Coast.  Cheney was not able to go with me so it was just me on the beach for a week!  Heaven must be like Cannon Beach!  My room was right on the beach, but on the 3rd floor.  So, each night, I cranked the gas logs on (yes, it's cold in June on an Oregon beach), threw open the balcony doors and slept like a baby!  Sheer perfection! Cannon Beach is absolutely one of my favorite beaches. Tidal pools were everywhere with purple starfish, sea lions on rocks, and HUGE crashing waves.  I was wearing jeans, a wool sweater, and a rain coat, but wow!  I spent as much time as possible soaking up my time.

Growing up we always went to Gulf side beaches - GulfShores, Ft. Walton, Destin, etc.  I LOVED them as well - crystal white sand, turquoise waters.  LOVED it! When we moved to South Carolina, I experienced an entirely new beach experience - natural beaches.  Kiawah Island was my first experience and I saw deer run across the sand.  And there were beautiful sea shells everywhere!  I had never seen huge shells on a Gulf beach.

Don't you love beach hair???
My dream would be to have a beach house that we could escape to at a moment's notice...We'll see!

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