Power Songs

This summer one of my goals, that I did not write down, was to improve my running.  I've worked off and on for the last few years to master a 5K.  I've come close by using the Couch to 5K app on my phone, but I get to about week 6 and drop it.  It's either been due to a knee injury, the heat of a humid day, or my schedule gets too insane!!  I've tried to be consistent, but it is so HARD!!!  Before school was out, I consistently worked out in my classroom 5 days a week using P90X.  I did this for 30 days straight and was finally starting to see results and then - the end of the year craziness began.  Once summer vacay began, P90X became virtually impossible.  Why? Well picture this:

I live in a small 1950s farmhouse that is built off of the ground.  I have 2 inside dogs.  My house has small rooms.  As soon as the exercise begins, my Jack Russell feels like he has to join me - especially if I have to get on the floor for any reason.  Have you tried completing push-ups with a JRT underneath you???  Plyometrics day - HA!!  Jumping in a house that is off of the ground is quite the experience.  Even if you only way 90 pounds, you sound like an elephant as you land - forget landing like a cat for Tony Horton!!  So, the only alternative was to pick up running for the summer in order to stay consistent.

For the last few weeks, I've done the P90X strength training 3 days a week and then I've tried to go for a run 3 days a week - not on the same days.  But, life gets in the way.  I ran a 5K earlier this summer with a time of 43 something.  My husband challenged me to just run until I couldn't anymore because he felt like I could run it quicker if I didn't focus on running for so many minutes and walking for so many.  I've tried it and the first time I did okay.  I've been out on the Swamp Rabbit trail because I know my distances and the first time I did 2 miles in about 26 minutes - not fast I know, but compared to a 15 minute pace in my race, this was progress.  It even included a warm-up walk.  But, I haven't been able to best that.  In fact, I've increased it to 30 minutes.

I went tonight and ran faster, but walked portions slower.  So my overall time - 29:30. Still a 15 minute pace. However, I do think I've made progress.  I can run more gracefully for longer stretches, my pace is quicker, and my breathing isn't as labored.  I did my best running when my Power Song came blasting through my ear buds.

I thought Power Songs were a bit of hooey when I heard others talking about them, but I have a few that help me push through difficult moments.  Tonight's was "Eye of the Tiger."  I know, a bit hokey, but it worked.  I felt my posture change, my breathing relaxed, and my pace quickened.  I'll be listening to it more often.


Shonda said…
Good for you! I am finding it really hard to find time to exercise right now and I know I need to do it. I like to do walking videos. Shrade wanted to do that with me, but our living room is really small so I was tripping on him.
Ziggy said…
Way to go! Consistency is key - and that's what I'm struggling with right now. Part of the problem is needing new music for my running playlist. "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha is a great running song. I simply can't walk to it. :) but I need more.
Shasta Looper said…
Ziggy, mine are mostly old school - Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Eye of the Tiger. But, I do find that anything by Pink, Beyonce, or Justin Timberlake get my feet moving a little faster