Dear Sophie...

Dear Sophie Jane,
Seven years ago your arrival completely changed my world! Your sweet smile makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over and your sweet hugs and kisses are the best!!

I cannot believe that you are starting 2nd grade tomorrow morning bright and early!!  I know that you will have a fabulous year!  As a 2nd grade teacher I just wanted to give you a little advice:

1.  Read! Read! Read! - Read as many books as you can and find your favorites!  It doesn't matter if you read each book more than once!

2.  Always do your best! - If you always do your best, your teacher, parents, and Auntie will be extremely proud!

3.  Ask questions! - If you don't understand, please ask your teacher a question.  If you don't want to ask it out loud, write it in a note.

4.  Be yourself!! - Don't try to be like anyone else in your classroom - there is only ONE Sophie Jane so be the best Sophie Jane you can be!

5.  Use all the colors in your crayon box!

6. Treat your classmates like they are your friends already!  You never know who may become your best friend for life!

7.  Write!! - Stories, poems, riddles, letters!  The more you write the better writer you will be!!

8.  Hug your mommy, daddy, and sissy every morning before you go to school and every day when you get home!  You may even blow them a kiss if you ride the bus!  They will miss you while you are at school!

9.  Try things!  Even if you mess up or don't do well, don't give up!

10.  Love your teacher - give her hugs and sweet notes.  Sometimes teachers have bad days too and need a little something to make them feel better!  Tell her when you enjoy an activity or a book she has read.  She works hard to make sure you have cool things to do!

11.  Write your Auntie a letter and let her know how your first day of school was!

I love you so much and cannot wait to hear all about your first day of 2nd grade!  I promise I'll tell you about mine too!