The Grandma We Knew...

I wrote this entry a few months ago, but never finished it because it just didn't feel right to finish it.  Since then, my grandmother is still here, but I think each day she diminishes more.

It's no secret that my grandmother has been in the final stages of Alzheimer's for almost a year now.  When I visited Louisiana during spring break, I thought that would be the final goodbye.  But, I think I really said a goodbye before that, because the lady I visited in April was not the grandmother I knew growing up or even just 3 years ago.

This past week I received a phone call to let me know that my Maw Maw's pacemaker battery had gone bad and needed to be changed.  Since she is under hospice care, the doctor made the decision that he would not complete the surgery.  So, now we wait for something to happen.

Because I live away, I think it has been easier for me to see the final outcome because I am so far removed from the daily decline. As difficult as it has been to think of saying goodbye, she said goodbye to us before now as the grandma we knew slowly slipped away.

The Grandma We Knew...

the grandma we knew, wasn't called grandma, she was Maw Maw or Maw Maw Moose
the grandma we knew, always had a cookie jar full of fudge striped cookies or chocolate graham crackers
the grandma we knew, went to the beauty shop every Saturday for as long as we knew her to get her hair all dolled up for church.
the grandma we knew wore silky panties on her head to keep her hair from messing up for Sunday church
the grandma we knew loved bright colors and big hair.
the grandma we knew loved to see a little meat on our bones, but let us know we may be getting a little too much
the grandma we knew was on the go from the moment she awoke until she went to bed
the grandma we knew was a frequent visitor to the downtown Goudchaux
the grandma we knew loved earrings and beads
the grandma we knew was at home with a fishing rod at the camp, even though she had been known to throw one in the water from time to time
the grandma we knew was a master at making ham and cheese sandwiches.  They were always served with a side of Lays Sour Cream and Onion potato chips
the grandma we knew kept a stash of Coca-Cola products in the pantry - classic, diet, and caffeine free - and it never ran out
the grandma we knew loved to collect ceramic birds
the grandma we knew thought nothing of piling in the car with her grandsons and heading to Branson, Missouri for vacation - she was braver than we thought
the grandma we knew threw more wedding and baby showers than we thought was possible
the grandma we knew liked to trick us when giving gifts - a box of club crackers or thin mints with a 20 dollar bill taped to the box.
the grandma we knew sometimes wrapped gifts she knew we wanted in old toy boxes when we thought we were too old for toys.
the grandma we knew loved Burger King Whoppers.
the grandma we knew opened her doors to evenings of babysitting even if she had plans.
the grandma we knew was alive, witty, and full of life.
the grandma we knew was able to ask about our day, tell us about her adventures around town, and give us a hug as we went on our way.
that was the grandma we knew.


Just Me said…
your writing reminded me of the Mrs.Ruth that I knew too. I haven't thought of some of those things in years. It was nice to "go home" for a little while. Think I'll brave her attic tomorrow to find the doves she used to put on her tree every year and make sure they are on their tree this year. Can you suggest a good "read", something uplifting, perhaps a good Christmas story.
Love ya,