30 Days of Thankful - Day 13

Today, I am most thankful for Ricola throat lozenges, NyQuil, Robitussin DM, and modern medicine.  Since moving to Greenville 5 years ago, my allergies and sinuses have gone into crazy mode!  It only happens twice a year - November and April.  There is something blooming that I haven't been able to find, but it is driving me crazy.  I wake up each morning with a sore throat, sinus drip and a stuffy nose.  Not  pretty! 

I've had a hacking cough for over a week and now a sore throat has crept up on me while the temperatures have changed. 

Modern medicine makes all of this bearable while I am in a classroom with 22 kiddos who have the same issues.  Kleenexes are in full swing and students are missing school left and right.  I cannot wait until November is over, but I'm thankful for all of the remedies that make me better.