30 Days of Thankful - Day 3

There are few things that bring more comfort to me than the unconditional love of my dog.  Since Cheney and I have been married we have had the privilege to be the parents to 4 pups - Bogey, Cash, Shelby, and Taku.  All 4 have had taken residence in my heart and have provided countless hours of comfort and love.

Our first dog, Bogey, showed up while we lived in Louisiana.  During Hurricane Rita, he arrived on our carport and adopted us.  He became attached to us quickly and we were attached to him as well.  His favorite thing was to ride in the car.  He would sit in the backseat and look out the windows, just like a person.  We left him with my parents for a week while we were visiting in South Carolina.  We left our car with my mom while we used hers.  She went to pick him up at our house and he jumped right in the car with her without question. When we showed up to pick him up, he jumped in my mother's car because he knew that was the one that were driving.  He refused to get out of the car because he didn't want to be left again.  When we moved to South Carolina, he rode in the moving van the entire way without complaint.  When we had a miscarriage, he wouldn't leave my side for 3 days. Unfortunately, he escaped the house one day and went visiting.  On his way back, he was hit and we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy.

After Bogey died, one my students gifted me with a precious little black pup we named Cash.  He was the sweetest dog and we had great dreams for him and his future.  He was going to sleep in his kennel, be a hunting dog for Cheney, and a walking companion for me.  Well, he lasted ONE night in his kennel and quickly claimed a spot in the bed.  His routine was to curl up with me every night until Cheney kicked him out.  I loved having that big old dog in the bed in the winter.  He was affectionate, talked to you, and laid in your lap while he napped.  We had him for 5 years and he became sick this summer.  We said goodbye to  Cash in July.

Shelby was our sweet yellow lab that my parents gave us.  When she first arrived, she was timid.  She wouldn't get on the furniture, was indifferent to being petted, and didn't show much affection.  That quickly changed.  She would demand a place on the couch by a snort and nod of her head, roll over on her back so you could rub her tummy, and gave birth to 6 of the most precious pups I've ever seen.  I took her to school with me to read with my kids and she LOVED it!   At the end of a stressful day, I would cuddle on the couch with her until I was relaxed.

One day I was in my former principal's office when she mentioned she had a Jack Russell Terrier she was trying to find a home for.  Needless to say, she didn't have to look very far.  Taku came home with us when he was 5 months old.  When we picked him up, he slept in my lap the entire way home.  That must have set the precedent because he's been curling up in my lap ever since.  As a matter of fact, he's in it right now.  He has brought much laughter and many moments of enjoyment.  But, the thing I love the most is the fact that every morning, he curls up in my lap and snoozes.  Every Saturday and Sunday, I wake up with Taku early and make a pot of coffee.  He patiently waits in the kitchen while the coffee brews.  As soon as I sit down with a blanket, he climbs up and begins his morning slumber.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  No matter what I've done, he loves me for me and for that I am most thankful!


Shonda said…
Don't animals just tug at your heart? I've had to say goodbye to so many well loved pets. You are such a good mama to these dogs!