30 Days of Thankful - Day 9 & 10

Yesterday and today (really every day), I was most thankful for my sweet little nieces, Sophie Jane and Sadie Clara.  They have brought countless hours of joy and love to this Auntie's heart. 

I remember the moment that Miss Sophie entered this big world. I was teaching in Seattle and preparing to move back to Louisiana.  It was my last day of school and I was eagerly awaiting a phone call that let me know that my niece or nephew had arrived.  The phone call came before school that a precious little girl made her appearance.  My heart was so full!  I went to school on a cloud of sheer happiness.  I waited all day to receive a picture of that sweet face.  It took us 3 days to work our way to Louisiana. I felt like that was the LONGEST 3 days of my life.  All I wanted to do was love on that little baby.  She was perfect!

When Sadie Clara was born, I was living in South Carolina.  I missed her birth and did not get to meet her until November!!!  Scandalous I say!  From the moment I met her she had a part of my heart!  She has been dancing her way through my life ever since.

I wish that I could see them more often, but I do talk to them about once a week.  We've Skyped a few times and I've had the opportunity to hear my Sophie read to me!  It made this teacher so proud!!!  Sadie has shared her dances and and funny faces that have made my day! 

Each time I'm visiting, I try to have an Auntie slumber party.  We've had makeoves, pedicures, cookie baking extravaganzas, and movie dates.  We are known as S-cubed since all of our names begin with S. 

I absolutely adore their sweet spirits and miss their giggles and hugs.  I can't wait to see them in a few weeks!


Sara Tate said…
This is sweet and touching. Your nieces will cherish all these moments you share. Thumbs up, Shasta.
Shonda said…
Sweet, sweet, sweet! You are the best auntie ever!