30 Days of Thankful - Days 16-18

There are some weeks where life takes a hectic pace and it is often difficult to know what end is up.  That has been the crazy pace I've been traveling since August when school began.  Needless to say, when it gets really crazy (week before holiday crazy), there are some things that get pushed to the side for a later time.  This week it was blog writing.

I'm enjoying the 30 Days of Thankful posts because it is really causing me to look at my life and all of the good that is in it.

Day 16 - Today I am thankful for modern technology.  When Cheney and I first moved to Alaska the only thing we did was call back home once a week.  Email was not important to me.  We moved to Seattle and we got our first cell phones so it was a little easier to keep in touch.  Facebook wasn't around and every now and then I emailed my parents, brother/sister in law, etc.  The last year when I was in Seattle, the very last day I received my very first picture of my niece via email.  At that point, email became important to me.  Now, living in South Carolina, I've completely embraced the modern technology movement and spend more time on my computer and iPhone than I do anything else.  I know, horrible.  But, I keep in contact with my sweet girls, my mom and dad, brother/sister in law, friends, etc. so much easier than before.  There is nothing quite like getting a video of your 4 year old niece belting out Taylor Swift's "Love Song" for you.  We've Skyped and I've had the privilege to hear Sophie read one of her first books and I was able to help her with words when she held the book up to the screen.  I LOVE that! 

Day 17 - I am most thankful for good friends in South Carolina.  Moving around can be hard on your friendships, but since we've been in SC longer than anywhere else, I've developed some amazing friends.  Lola and Belle quickly come to mind.  I meet Lola every Thursday for coffee at Starbucks and we often go shopping together.  From the moment I met these two ladies, it was love.  We all go nuts over a great pair of shoes and accessories and enjoy shopping with one another.  We've laughed until we've cried, and cried when we've needed to.  They definitely made work a lot more fun.  Unfortunately, we all 3 work in different places now, but we still connect often.  Wouldn't know what to do without them.

Day 18 - Today I am most thankful for Friday.  This week has passed by like molasses in January.  It's been a long time since I have craved a few days off from school, but this year I am ready for Thanksgiving to get here.  Unlike my Louisiana compatriarts, I only have Wednesday - Friday, but I am so ready for those days.  Cheney will be out of town at the beginning of the week so it will just be me and the pup hanging out until Wednesday.