Mid-Week Confessions

I admit that I spend a lot of time perusing blogs of people I've never met.  Some would say that I may be addicted.  I love seeing the thoughts of others, the photographs of their experiences, and their life in general.  Yes, I've read some things that I have offended me at times, but I respect the fact that everyone has a right to their opinions, even if they are not in alignment with mine.  I've also read things that have brought me to tears - stories of ladies that I've known through the blogosphere for the last year and how they have accomplished great things or have been faced with challenges for which they were unprepared.  One of my favorite posts that I've seen quite a few times is the Midweek Confessions.  I've been following it through The Pollock Potluck this year and today I've decided to jump on board with my own confessions.

1.  As much as I LOVE my new Mazda MX-5, it was not very comfortable for the 10 hour drive to and from Louisiana.  My back hurt and I could not arrange myself in the seat with my 23 pound Jack Russel on my lap.

2.  Having fractured families makes Christmas difficult to say the least.  Decisions about where to go, when to go, who can or can't go is really frustrating when you've driven so far to enjoy Christmas.

3.  I think next year, we're going to the beach for Christmas.

4.  I haven't graded all of the papers that are sitting in my bag yet.  I've got a few more days of vacation right?! Not only do I have that to do, but I have a newsletter to write!  Oh the life of a teacher.

5.  One of the awkward moments of this holiday was gathering around my Maw Maw Ruth's chair for a Christmas picture.  If you didn't know, she is suffering the final stages of Alzheimer's and is bedridden.  She doesn't look like the grandmother I knew and I did not want to take a picture with her.  It may be selfish, but I know she would not have wanted her picture taken either.

6.  I only ate vegetables 2 times in the 9 days that I was in Louisiana.  Argh!  I had enough sweets to last me the entire next year!  Thanks to Uncle Douglas for the red velvet cake!

7.  I have great plans to paint my house in the coming year, but I don't have the energy or the motivation.

8.  We haven't had Christmas with Cheney's family yet so I've put off shopping until the LAST minute.  Hopefully, I'll find some good deals :)

I'm linking up with E over at E,Myself, and I today!


Ashley said…
Thanks for the shout out! We are a lot alike in that:
1) I don't think I touched a vegetable all week. oh wait! I did eat potatoes. :)
2) My husband is a product of divorce and holidays are always stressful with them, simply because we feel stretched so thin. I feel ya.
3) When I taught kindergarten I never worked on school stuff until the night before we returned, even though I had plenty of time to do it. Enjoy your Christmas break!
E said…
Great confessions! I'm so glad you joined in.

As an English teacher, I always started my first day after break by asking my students, "How many of you did school work over the break." NO ONE raised their hands. Then I said, "Good, me either. I'll have your papers back to you in a two weeks." :)

Good luck!