Awesome and Awkward

I missed the Awesome and Awkward moment on Thursday, but it wasn't because of the lack of all things awesome and awkward.

1.  Reading the poetry that my students wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr.  We've spent two weeks studying the life of Dr. King and the culminating project was a poem that included the main ideas of his life.  My 2nd graders wrote POWERFUL poems that spoke volumes.

2.  Riding with the top down in the middle of January.  Hello 60 degrees.

3.  Being asked to develop a block of tech workshops for the summer focusing on using the iPad in a classroom.  I am over the moon about this!

4.  Reading books on my iPad.  No more downloading to a computer and uploading to my Nook.

5.  My high score on Temple Run.  Totally addictive game if you have an iPad.

6. Being told that a free dress day is in the calendar next week!  Woo hoo!  No more Navy and Khaki!  Now on to outfit planning.

7.  Having lesson plans finished and only a few minor details to do over the weekend.


1.  Realizing that when you ride with the top down and sing at the top of your lungs, EVERYONE can hear you!  And I do mean EVERYONE!  Sorry people in cars around me.

2.  Asking for the front office to hold off on car dismissal so you can go to the bathroom before heading to your post outside.

3.  After said trip to the bathroom, running errands around town for an hour in and out of the car only to discover at 8:00 that your zipper had been down the entire time.

4.  Spending 30 minutes finding the right medicine for a sick husband, bringing it home, and realizing it is the WRONG medicine.

Here's to another week of awesome and awkward!