Busy and Behind

I'm behind on journaling.  What's new, right?  This week has been CRAZY busy for me.  It seems like the 4 day weeks always are.  So, here's a bullet list of what's been going on.

  • It's been in the 60s during the day here this week, until yesterday and today.  January finally decided to show its face.
  • On Thursday I had the opportunity to conduct my very first parent workshop.  Kind of ironic in the fact that I don't have children.  But, I've had 356,400 hours of experience with children over the last 12 years.  That's just in my classroom - not the babysitting, quality time with my nieces, etc.  So, I think I may be a little qualified.  I'm more qualified than some parents were when they brought their first baby home.
  • My Christmas tree is still up and I don't have any intentions of putting it away today.  Maybe later.
  • My house is about 40 years old and it has no insulation in it.  Needless to say, the warmest place is in the bed.  I've been reading a lot this weekend because the bed is so cozy.
  • Because it is so cold, Taku has been finding his way into the bed and burrowing himself under the covers.  I've been thankful.  It's like having a little heater next to me.
  • I'm starting the healthy school lunch challenge on Tuesday, so I've eaten absolute junk for the last 2 days.  And, I'm not ashamed.
  • Right now, I'm watching The Bachelor.  Yes, hokey I know.  But, goodness it is addicting.
  • Yesterday was a workday that I could have taken off, but I decided to stay at school and get much needed work done.  I was very successful, but discovered that I do not have enough room for the books in my classroom.  What a quandry!
  • My hair hasn't been cut since August.  I need it done ASAP!