Mid Week Confessions

My favorite post day is Wednesday because I get to expose myself - legally of course!  This week, I've got a few things to get off of my chest and need to confess them to somebody to hold me accountable.

1.  I took the ornaments off of my Christmas tree, BUT the tree is STILL standing in the corner.  I'm completely embarrassed about it, but haven't taken the time to put it away.  It's Cheney's grandmother's vintage tree -- not one that I really want to use again, so I'm contemplating putting it in the box and haul it off to Goodwill.

2.  I'm totally addicted to Days of Our Lives.  I record it with the DVR every day and catch up when I can.  I grew up watching it, my middle name is off of it, my great grandmother watched it - so I have to, right?  The entire time I'm watching it, I am thinking of how horrible the acting is and how the story line never changes, but I love life in Salem.

3.  Along the same lines of #2, I watch the Bachelor religiously!  For Shame!!  It's like watching a train wreck - I cannot take my eyes away from it.  If you're watching, I'm not a huge fan of Courtney.  Blech!

4.  I'm already dreaming of my summer vacation, but would kill for a snow day soon!

5.  I miss taking graduate classes.  I know, such a nerd!  But, I miss the collaboration of other teachers.  I teach with amazing people, but there is really never a chance to share.

6. I've worn the same outfit twice this week to school.  The teachers have a uniform - khaki or navy bottoms with light blue, navy, or white tops.  I own exactly 2 sweaters and refuse to buy more clothes that I don't enjoy wearing, so I'm down to rotating the two sweaters.  The crazy part - no one even noticed.  Or, maybe if they did they didn't say anything.

7.  Our awards are due on Friday and I have done exactly NADA on them!  Guess what is on the agenda for tonight!