So Far...

I made another book goal for this year.  Hopefully, when December 31, 2012 rolls around I'll be able to say that I read 100 books.  This year I plan to read at least 10 professional books and about 30 classics.  So far, I've only read Chick Lit, but it's been fun and mindless.  Here's my list as of today, January 16, 2012.

1.  Mum's the Word by Kate Collins (#1 in the Flower Shop Mystery series)
2.  Slay it with Flowers by Kate Collins (#2)
3.  Dearly Depotted by Kate Collins (#3)
4. Snipped in the Bud by Kate Collins (#4)
5. Acts of Violets by Kate Collins (#5)
6. A Rose from the Dead by Kate Collins (#6)
7. Shoots to Kill  by Kate Collins (#7)
8. Evil in Carnations  by Kate Collins (#8)
9. Sleeping with the Anemone by Kate Collins (#9)
10. Dirty Rotten Tendrils by Kate Collins (#10)
11. Night of the Living Dandelions by Kate Collins (#11)
12.  Something Blue by Emily Griffin

I'll keep updating this post as the year progresses on in order to hold myself accountable.  If you want light reading that has a touch of humor and romance, the Flower Shop Mystery series is great.