Mid Week Confessions

My favorite post of the week...It's time for Shasta's Mid Week Confessions.  I'm linking up with E, Myself, and I.

1.  I totally cheated on my no carb diet today!  It was birthday club and I've gone 3 days WITHOUT caffeine AND sugar!  We're lucky I didn't kill someone.  My headache was so bad on Monday that I couldn't see out of my right eye.

2.  I HATE Monday night meetings after school.  They make for a terribly long week!  We had one on Monday and I've been a day ahead mentally since.

3.  I wore the same pair of pants 3 days in a row to school.  The best part - no one noticed because we all wear a uniform.

4.  My Christmas tree did not make it down for the February 1st deadline.  It is undecorated, but still standing.

5.  I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close this week and was totally confused until the end of the book.  I think I need to see the movie.

6.  I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn.  It's coming out on DVD next week.  I think I missed the theater times.

7.  Valentine's Party Day is my least favorite day of the school year.  I don't enjoy the candy an chaos that comes with it.