30 Things: Number 1

The first post in the 30 Things series begins today!

The topic:  20  Random Things About Yourself

1.  I have my daddy's hands and feet - they are just smaller.
2.  My right ear is a Spock ear - pinched on the top.
3.  I have a chapstick obsession - Carmex, Vaseline, SoftLips, etc. They are ALL in my purse.
4.  I still watch Days of Our Lives even though it is one of the cheesiest things I"ve ever seen.
5.  My husband and I had only ONE date before we were engaged.
6.  I'm addicted to finding pictures of hairstyles - braids and buns, but I'm TERRIBLE at executing them.
7.  Flip-flops are my shoe of choice -year around.
8.  Secretly believe that if you have been married over 10 years you should be given another shower to replace the towels and other items.  They are stinking expensive.
9.  HATE washing clothes and often leave them until I am desperate for something to wear.
10. Only shave my legs up to my knees in the winter time.
11. Think one of the biggest pleasures in this world is a pedicure - followed closely by a massage.
12.  Love to have someone wash my hair for me.
13. Thinks there is NOTHING better than having a cold Coca-Cola on a HOT day.
14.  Is willing to pay a fortune to eat crawfish last night at Joe's Crab Shack, but it was ALL worth it!
15. Complains about going hiking early in the morning, but secretly enjoys it.  I just don't like the early morning.
16. Thinks that school should start at 10 am.
17. Is terrified about moving to 4th grade next year.
18. If given the chance to live ANYWHERE in the US, I think it would be the Oregon Coast.
19. Craves the ocean breezes.
20. Has the cutest little nieces in the world.  I miss them terribly!


Shonda said…
Wow, you always think of interesting random things. I couldn't do it!