Just a bit of random trivia.  It's been way too long between posts.  That means that my life has been INSANELY busy!  With working full-time, consulting on technology for my district, and trying to carve away time for myself and my husband, there is not much time left to write. So, for tonight friends, I can only come up with random thoughts.

*I am over the moon excited about my upcoming High School Girls' Reunion trip in July to Gatlinburg.  Hello, Hoover cabin!  It's been a LONG time!

*This winter has been the BEST winter to own a convertible.

*Walking/Running in the spring sunshine does wonders for my disposition.  I've walked 6 miles over the last few days.  Trying to commit to a habit.  Don't have time for p90X or anything that will stick me in a schedule.

*Ready for pedicures and sandals and sundresses!

*Spring Break is in just 2 weeks.  After that, it's all downhill!

*Struggling with ideas for my 5th grade niece's birthday.  It's Friday.

*Over the next 3 months, I will be hostessing 2 wedding showers and attending one baby shower.  EXPENSIVE!

*Can't wait for my new Sanuk sandals come in the mail.

*I have discovered one of Taku's loves - riding in a convertible.  I love having him ride with me.

*After a 4 day weekend, I still have a pile of clothes and a list of things to do!  Will I ever get caught up?