45 miles in July...

I have done it now!  I've gone and committed to something that I absolutely dread!  After reading multiple bloggers talk about tackling 40 miles of walking/running in June and how they were gearing up for 45 miles in July, I jumped on the bandwagon as well.  I figured that if someone was holding me accountable and I was going to blog about it, then I would have to follow through.  I've gotten a very late start - just began yesterday- but I think it is doable.  Here is the math...

As of yesterday there were 22 days left in the month.  If I were to walk AT LEAST 2 miles a day for the rest of the month that would put me at 44 miles and then I would just have to walk one extra mile somewhere during that time.

However, in the back of my mind I have it figured out a better scenario.  I am going to the Colonial Williamsburg teacher institute the last week of July.  Each day we will be walking between 4-8 miles.  I'll be there for 6 days.  In my mind, I've got this!  I could even just wait and get all of my miles in there.  But, that would not be easy. 

So, I've started going to Furman.  And holy cow, is it HOT!  Yesterday I walked 2.5 miles and was soaked.  Today, a storm was brewing and it cooled down to about 90 so I decided to head out the door and get it done.  2.5 more in the books. 


Absolute worst part of the whole ordeal - getting my shoes on and out the door followed by a close 2nd which is sticking to the leather seat when I get back in the car.  Tomorrow, I'll bring a towel.