A Buried Treasure Found

I transferred over to Google Drive this evening and while I was perusing it, I noticed that there were documents that synced from MANY years ago.  I stumbled upon this little gem...

Dreams are the very foundation upon which I have built my life. Without a dream, life would be void of challenge, hope, and success. Building castles in the air started many years ago for me. I can remember vividly, writing a list of dreams and goals at the age of 13 in green felt-tipped pen. The list had at least 100 items to achieve by the time I was 30. I find that deadline laughable now that I am turning 32 and haven't attempted half of what was on the list. However, I have crossed off quite a few. I remember the number one item was visiting Alaska. My dad told me that unless I paid for it myself, I probably wouldn't get a chance to go. Little did he know that 8 years after that list was made, I would go for the entire summer and actually get paid to be there. He could not have predicted the fact that I would meet my husband and then move there. That little dream of a 13 year old actually provided for him to visit a place that he didn't think I would go, much less himself. I'm still working on the novel that I wanted to write - it has evolved into a much shorter piece - a picture book for children. But, the idea is there and I have the first page written thanks to the Upstate Writing Project.

Now, as an adult, I still find myself listing dreams. Maybe not in a notebook, but definitely in my mind. I've even kept a dream wall from time to time where I cut out pictures of my dreams and posted them on the refrigerator on bulletin board. Some are much easier to attain than others. Many need outside assistance, but the list is every changing and growing. Dreams give me energy to make it another day. If the day or event has been particularly challenging, I know that I am one step closer to the goal. They also provide me with an escape from reality. When that belligerent child is getting on my last nerve, I can escape to the dream that one day, they will walk into the room and be the model student that they are truly capable of.

As a teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to teach children to dream and reach for the unattainable prize. Without dreams, how will they overcome the challenges that meet them every day. Every one needs something to strive for - without it, why live.