InstaFriday on Monday

Slim pickings this week in the world of photographs. My summer has just begun. I've been teaching tech classes for my school district,so I haven't had an opportunity to play yet. This weekend Cheney and I went up to Pisgah National Forest to find reprieve from the massive heat wave.  Only 3 pics from Instagram and I called it done.

New Chucks arrived in the mail this week.  I debated and debated over color.  Should I go for neutral black or grey?  Nah!!
Bless his little heart.  Someone is glad to have momma home for the summer.
This sight made my Louisiana heart skip a beat!

Wading the Pisgah River on a day with temps over 100 degrees. Sweet relief!

So much for that new pedicure.  Staying cool is much more important.


Just Me said…
I love the pictures especially the ones in the water. Makes me want to find a spot like that. I like your and Cheney's shoes. I see Bass Pro had some similar on sale the other day.