Instagram Friday...

On time this week - can you believe it??? I only have 3 pictures to share.  The week has been uneventful - tomato stewing, dog chasing, tech planning kind of week.  It's been me, a crockpot, and a computer most of the time - especially since it has rained most of the week.

 My last blog post was about the over abundance of tomatoes.  They are everywhere.  My house smells like tomato soup and has for the last 3 days.  I'm having a fit over tomatoes.  I'm leaving for the weekend and I don't know what Cheney will do with all of the tomatoes.  I have a feeling that I will come home with a TON of tomatoes to work with on Monday.

Sunflower at the end of a HOT walk out at Furman.  I always take the path through the garden at the end of my route. 

I committed to walk/run 45 miles in July.  It has been tough especially with the weather being so wet.  I did get out 2 days this week and finished 5 miles, but I still have 40 to go and it is STILL raining.  I'll get it done, I just may be hurting at the end of the month.  I'm counting on Williamsburg to get my miles in - 8 miles for 6 days - think it will get done.