Every Labor Day weekend, we make the short drive up to Hendersonville, NC for the annual Apple Festival.  Main Street is filled with craft booths and fair food.  This year was no exception.  We found many booths that appealed to our senses.  There was even a booth that claimed it was serving gumbo and jambalaya.  We didn't venture to try it.  If it's not in Louisiana, it probably isn't even close to the real thing.

I wish that I would have taken that advice to heart.  We walked by one food booth that had a fabulous display of homemade apple pies, cinnamon bread, and apple bread pudding.  Cheney's mouth was watering when he saw the apple bread pudding.  This was the first booth we walked by and he was determined to get a piece before we left.  At this same booth there was a little sign bragging about having New Orleans beignets.  Could it be?  Were they close to the real thing?  After pondering these questions, I saw another sign that stated "Apple Beignets."  At that moment I decided to abandon my typical purchase of a funnel cake for a stab at the apple beignets.  They smelled delicious, they looked divine, and even had carefully placed powdered sugar on top.  I hoped for the best.

It was in this simple hope that I made my mistake. These were not even close to a true beignet.  It was simply a slice of apple breaded and fried.

To make matters worse, these 3 apple beignets cost me $5.  Not only was I disappointed, but I had wasted a perfectly good, crisp 5 dollar bill on something that only tasted of grease.

Sometimes, it is better to never have tasted the good stuff.  For when you taste the bad, you will never be disappointed.


Anonymous said…
I am by no means a beignet expert. I can say that one of my fondest memories of NO is having a Cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde. It was a bucket list item that I was able to 'check off and star' as having exceeded expectations.

Brad Webb